Our Services

It is possible that some of our existing clients may already be aware of some of the services, but we seek to iterate other areas of competence. All our clients are important to us and we want to be sure that they receive courteous, personal and professionally sound advice at all times. Our methodology is to assign to a specific member of the firm with the requisite aptitude, the brief of each and every client. This is our tool for maximizing client rapport and reaction. Reflecting the different legal skills required, we organize the firm into sections. Often a particular matter will draw on the skills of lawyers from two or more of the following sections:


Whether or not a Will has been prepared professionally, handling the affairs of the Deceased can be extensive. Proof of authenticity, identifying and distributing assets and settling liabilities are normal features but special provision may be necessary. For instance, administering of Trusts or the transfer of assets to Beneficiaries require special attention. We act as Executors and Trustees and so relieve relatives or friends of difficult and unwanted responsibility.

Investment Law

The firm specialises in advising on various investment laws and Compliance procedures. The Firm also render services in the area of regularising foreign Investors and or Employees immigration status in the country.

Corporate and Business Planning

Our pro-active disposition as a firm, has ensured that this is our fastest growing service. We represent a broad range of business enterprises ranging from individual entrepreneurs to multinational corporation. We pride ourselves on our ability to deal quickly and efficiently with the problems of all businesses regardless of size. Our lawyers have extensive experience in assisting management and in-house counsel with respect to specific legal problems and in establishing policies and practices for complying with legal requirements applicable to their business. As companies grow and develop, the need for specialized legal services is on the increase. We have both the breadth of experience and the highly specialized expertise in specific areas of business and corporate law to meet the needs of such companies.

Restructuring, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and dissolution.

Preparation of general business, commercial and employment agreements, including financing agreements, licensing agreements, technical and management services agreements.

Banking and Financial Services

We provide comprehensive financial advisory service to many clients. We advice commercial banks, merchant banks, leasing companies, subsidiaries of banks , holding companies and other financial institutions in the following areas:  Financing and refinancing transactions, creditors rights and lien enforcement and loan recovery proceedings.  Advise on lending transactions, including syndicated loans, medium-term loans and other financial products such as underwriting facilities and commercial papers as well as general financing techniques.

Aviation, Shipping Law and Finance

The firm boast among its members, a member partner who previously handles exclusively the Aviation and Shipping portfolio of a major law firm involved in the practice. This tremendous experience is being brought to bear on our client's need in these areas. We are therefore in a good position to render legal advise services in the area of structuring Aircraft and ship acquisition, leases and designing legal frame work tailored to protect our clients interest. We've being involved in conducting searches, registration and deregistration of Aircraft and ships from the Nigerian Aircraft and Shipping registries. Our members are possessed of the skills required to provide formal legal opinions on the validity and enforcement of the legal documentation for these transactions. In this regard our firm is fully insured under professional indemnity insurance.

Litigation, Arbitration and A.D.R

This is a general litigation department designed to service the litigation matters of our various clients. The department is equipped for and engages in general litigation, and is well staffed by Counsel with experience in Banking, Property and Commercial dispute and litigation. The firm has been involved as Counsel in Commercial Arbitrate Proceedings and members has extensive professional training in and applied A.D.R. (Alternate Dispute Resolution) Methodology as a first steps to resolving our clients problem where it is adjudged productive.

Immigration Law

As part of the firm portfolio we have expertise in tackling immigration problems of our clients as well as assisting in the processing, obtaining, validating and renewal of our client immigration status. This area of our practice has inevitably taken us to other related subjects such as processing citizenry applications for qualified aliens and legal representation and advisory services on dispute related to provision for and custody of children of foreign or mixed parenthood. In the above regard, we have acted on referrals from the British High Commission in Nigeria and are listed on the High Commission website for Legal Services in Lagos, Nigeria noted for rendering legal services listed on the High Commission’s website:www.gov.uk/government/publications/Nigeria-list of lawyers.

Company, Commercial, Labour Law

We are highly specialised in advising on Nigerian company law and related legislation including rules and regulations governing the control and management of limited liability companies, other business vehicles and not-for- profit-organisations. How these provisions affect existing businesses or should be considered in the formation management and promotion of new companies can best be answered by experts. Gbenga Odusola & Co has considerable experience in advising on all aspects of labour law, and in the preparation of partnership agreements. Of particular interest to partnerships and new smaller companies is the expert advice we can provide on Labour, financial and often complex taxation matters affecting the introduction and divisions of profits and the responsibilities of directors and partners. We aim to develop an understanding of our client's businesses so as to provide practical and relevant advice. We also assist our clients with their day-to-day business problems as well as dealing with the whole spectrum of commercial transactions and problems. These include distribution and agency arrangements, joint ventures, franchising, terms of trading, product liability, and data protection legislation. In many instances, the technology or know-how behind a client's business is central, thus we are able to advise on all aspects of protecting and exploiting intellectual property rights, including copyright, design rights patents and trade marks. We advice on the impact of Nigerian law generally on our clients businesses on a pro-active basis. Our services include: Organisation of business entities such as partnerships, joint ventures, and corporations (both for profit and non-profit), and Secretarial Services.